Saturday, July 12, 2008

What the internet is doing to our brains

Do you immediately go to the internet for information when you don't know the answer to something? At a dinner party have you ever slipped away to use your handheld device to lookup Roger Federer's height [6'1], or the number one selling video game of all time [despite media hype that it is Halo, it is, in fact, Pokemon Red, Blue and Green with a whopping 20 million copies sold; Super Mario Brothers is a close second]?

Do you use oh-so-clever phrases such as "let's ask the internet", "if only there was a magic box that could tell us the answer... oh wait, there is", or my own personal favourite, "working The Google".

If so, you may want answers to the following questions:
a) Is Google making us stupid?
b) Do androids dream of electric sheep?

One of these questions is tackled in the cover story of the July/August 2008 Atlantic Monthly.

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