Sunday, July 20, 2008

Travel Advice from the Internet Part 4

Travel Week was somewhat bit derailed due to some unfortunate circumstances on Thursday night, but I’m aiming to end on a high note with these last couple of posts.

Storage costs for your money threatening to put you in the poor house? Your bulging wallet putting unnecessary wear and tear on the pockets of your designer pants? Well, I might have just the thing for you. From TrendHunter Magazine, here are the Top 30 Hip Hotels for 2008. I love the ‘Death Star’. Screw the French countryside, I know where I’m off to the next time I'm able to travel….

If those exotic hotels are hot and sexy enough for you, consult Concierge’s just released World’s Sexiest Beaches 2008 list. These beaches are so hot the already barely-there-bikinis literally melt off the women in the afternoon sun. And everyone is fit, healthy and friendly and eager to make your acquaintance. True story.

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