Sunday, July 13, 2008

Travel Week & Matt's Big Adventure

It is July, a time when students, new graduates and other travel enthusiasts pack up their backpacks and hit the road to explore new places, meet new people and drink foreign beer. As such, this week’s posts will all be travel-related. Why not?

You may have seen this a couple of weeks ago in the NY Times or this weekend in the Globe & Mail’s Report on Business. In case you don’t read those publications, or blew by the article in the ROB to the more august articles about the iPhone frenzy and airline expansion/trouble read on for a remarkable tale and fun video. Hell, even if you did see the articles, read on anyway.

Here’s Matt’s backstory (his site sometimes loads slowly, so be patient). It is a pretty remarkable tale about travel, goofy behaviour and the power of the interweb. I wish I'd done this... ah well, a different time and age, I'm afraid.

[Coxy – this puts the Elvis poses to shame… although they’d still make a good photo essay. Note to self on photo side project.]

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