Thursday, July 17, 2008

The easiest way to see Gotham City (shameless Batman tie-in)

[Obviously a bit of a Travel Week stretch, but I couldn't let the opening of 'The Dark Knight' pass without comment.]

Of course, that would be buying a ticket and going to see 'The Dark Knight' this weekend, or on Monday when the crowds subside somewhat. Or, if you are really lazy, cheap or afraid of crowds and/or fanboys, order 'Batman Begins' from, turn up the a/c and order in Thai food.

The second best way to see Gotham would be to visit Chicago. The Second City. The Windy Apple (um??). Chi-town stands in for Gotham in the latest Batman movie (in a
Globe & Mail interview, star Christian Bale can't stop talking about the stunt that saw him standing on the upper-edge of the Sears Tower).

If you are wondering how The Dark Knight can possibly live up to the hype, I leave you with Jesse Wente''s comments from his CBC Radio One review:

In addition to praising the late Heath Ledger's performance as the best and scariest Joker ever, he sums up the film thusly, "This is definitely the best superhero movie ever made."

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