Sunday, July 20, 2008

The next great travel guide?

It isn't everyday you come across a company that has chosen Helsinki, Finland to be the very first city profiled for their global city guide series, but Turnleft's Free Urban City Guides aims to be different. From their website:
A famous British socialite once claimed that she never turns right when boarding an aircraft. We do - you can find us on seat 32E, nibbling salty nuts and fighting for elbow room. Sometimes we like posh lounge restaurants and sometimes we fall out of taxis! Wherever we are, we enjoy good friends, fashion, design, architecture, exciting art studios, concept restaurants and music gigs. Turnleft is a series of insiders' guides with great tips to the local scene. All our guides are free and edited independently.

Turnleft is a new series of free city guides for urban travellers. Meticulously researched and beautifully designed, our guides are ideal for finding your bearings on a short trip or catching up on the latest in a city. We publish quarterly, ensuring fresh local content, and we are proud to enlist the help of the best-connected locals for each new edition. We distribute in art spaces, stores and bars. Grab a copy, it's free!

Coming soon: Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Paris.

All that and they are always looking for contributors.

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