Monday, July 28, 2008

The rise and fall of an American icon

Here's an interesting take on Belgian brewing behemoth (InBev) taking over the most American of beers, Budweiser. It is hard to believe that Bud could fall under foreign ownership, but these days anything seems possible. weighs in with The rise and fall of an American beer, an article that points out that Annheuser-Busch's history is not quite as noble and idyllic as those Clydesdale commercials would have you believe. Does this mean the craft brewers get the last laugh in the end?

"Ever since Budweiser was sold to Belgian brewing monster InBev on Sunday, beer drinkers have been sighing that a piece of Americana has been lost. They've got it all wrong. During its rise to President for Life of Beers, Budweiser ended up crushing dozens of local brands that formed part of this country's colorful drinking heritage."

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