Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Tragically Hip Project - Trouble at the Henhouse

Trouble at the Henhouse - turn breezes into rivulets

1. Ahead By A Century
2. Flamenco
3. Gift Shop
4. Sherpa
5. Let's Stay Engaged

- This album has some real highs and a few real lows (you know which ones). It was also a little more experimental at a time when they were making a final, focused effort on breaking in the US with their touring (this tour featured a standard show as opposed to one that varied nightly).
- I considered Springtime in Vienna for the top 5, but it is ultimately punished because it pales in comparison to the live version where you really believe there's "screaming from the rooftops". Plus the 5 listed are superior, IMHO.
- Trouble features their best album cover and also saw the launch of a very cool website ( and screensaver. The Hip have been in tune with the opportunities that technology has offered them - you should check out their website.

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