Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Tragically Hip Project - Road Apples

Road Apples - wind on the weathervane, tearing blue eyes sailor-mean

1. Long Time Running
2. Little Bones
3. Fiddler's Green
4. Bring It All Back - very strong lyrically
5. Fight (ever since I saw them play it live with the fat guy from Blues Traveller on the harmonic
a this has been one of my favourites)


- On The Verge - this used to be one of their favourites to play live; in my mind it was replaced in their live show by Fully Completely. It doesn't hold up as well as some of the others, for me. - I remember seeing them live at Corkcliff Park on a roadtrip weekend back in the university days. Good times, hazy memories.

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