Monday, August 11, 2008

The Lord of the Rings - Beijing blogging

I am watching part of the Olympics this evening, needing a good pick me up after watching 'Shake Hands With The Devil'. What the Chinese team is doing on the Rings is unbelievable! They do a weird high-10 after each routine, but you can forgive that if you look at their pipes?! Two tickets to the Gun Show. Holy sh*t!

The crowd is also totally psyched up for the gymnastics, which helps to hold my attention. I've never really been into the Summer Games. I can't really get into it, although I enjoy the swimming, some of the track and the Velodrome cycling, amongst other events [I fondly remember the arcade game Olympic Decathlon, although I was never very good at it]. I much prefer the Winter Olympics -- smaller, more intimate and you get to see the local scenery while the athletes compete (think: mountains).

In french they still call Beijing, "Pekin" (sorry, accent missing). Interesting.

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