Thursday, August 21, 2008

Britpop legends refuse to go away

Oasis have a new album coming out this fall, Dig Out Your Soul, and based on a couple of songs I’ve heard, it might actually be decent!

You can preview some of the new album at the official
Oasis YouTube channel (and/or find unofficial bootleg versions elsewhere on You Tube).

If that isn't enough Britpop for you, or if you find yourself asking, 'what ever happened to Britpop?', here are some key resources: All you ever wanted to know about Britpop but were afraid to ask:

Britpop Bootlegs

2. The Ongoing History of New Music has a big 4-part series on Britpop [and a separate two-parter on Cool Britannia]. You can read part one of the series
here, and the other parts are easily accessible with two clicks of your mouse.

3. And if you want to hear Alan Cross' dulcet tones, you can listen to the podcast

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