Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Hip Project - The Playoff Bracket

The rankings* for the playoff bracket are as follows. These rankings were used to derive the song seedings:
1. Up To Here
2. Phantom Power
3. Fully Completely
4. Day For Night
5. Road Apples
6. We Are The Same
7. Trouble At The Henhouse
8. In Violet Light
9. The Tragically Hip (EP)
10. World Container
11. In Between Evolution 
12. Music@Work
*These seedings are completely subjective.

One quick note about the playoffs:  Instead of giving two wildcard entries a bye into the second round, as previously stated, I've entered four wildcards into the tournament seeded 15, 30, 45 and 60. 

My methodology: To determine match-up winners I will listen to the songs at high volume while drinking.

Feature Round 1 match-ups include Vaccination Scar v. At the 100th Meridian, The Depression Suite v. Gift Shop, Nautical Disaster v. Highway Girl and 38 Years Old v. Trickle Down in an old school cage match. Things could really heat up in Round 2 with potential match-ups of Nautical Disaster v.Scared; Grace, Too v. Wheat Kings and Fully Completely v. Long Time Running amongst others.

The bracket (click to open larger version - if printing, change your print settings to landscape):

What the heck is the Hip Project? Click here for more info.

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