Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cool new travel tool from Google

From The Guardian:

have made tentative steps into the world of travel with the launch of Google City Tours. The site generates suggested itineraries for thousands of destinations around the world, and allows users to customise their schedules according to how many days they are visiting, and what they want to see.

"Perhaps the coolest part of the new product is the way it uses Google Maps to figure out which locations are closest to each other. Rather than simply present a list of places Google thinks you might want to check out, the site will logically order them according to where they're located, minimising the travel time between each."

Cool indeed. Matt McGee of searchengineland looks a little further into the distance;

"Imagine Google pulling in the public transit information that it already has for many cities. Imagine it pulling in event listings like concerts and sports. Imagine local businesses being able to write their own suggested city tours that include a stop at the business's own location, and being able to embed those tour maps on their web sites. This seems like an interesting experiment to watch."

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