Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sounds to me like a departure - new Hip song

Have you heard the new Tragically Hip song on the radio, Love is a First? It is really good. Very vital and, dare I say, playful. I've been cranking it up for the past few days. Bob Rock has managed to capture some of their live feel with this song. The rhythm section shines early with a solid, driving beat, then you get the full Gordie and the guitar players are allowed to rock out with screeching guitars. If you've spent much time with their DVD That Night In Toronto you'll recognize the lyrics for Love is a First from one of Gord's rants (during Fully Completely, I think). It sounds great turned up loud. You can get it on iTunes if you pre-buy the new album (or download it as a single).

Interestingly, I think 'Love' is more of a primer than the first, official single, which looks like it will be 'Morning Moon' according to their website. (They did something similar with Butts Wigglin' off Trouble At The Henhouse). Morning Moon is streaming on their website. It is a nice, little ditty. Very melodic and quite different than 'Love'; more in the vein of Bobcaygeon or Ahead By A Century, although not as anthemic.

The Hip are playing 5 dates at Massey Hall in May. These are must attend shows (well, one show anyway).

UPDATE - The Hip's website says Love Is A First is the first Canadian single. So there you go.

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