Thursday, March 5, 2009

No Big Box in Leslieville!

From the Financial Post... In a stunning and long-awaited ruling, the Ontario Municipal Board yesterday rejected a developer's plan to build big-box shopping plaza in Leslieville.

Another take on the decision from Spacing Toronto (worth clicking through just for the lead picture).

Lots of NIMBY voices on this issue, but it is nice that they won't be adding a Walmart to the area. Not so much because I don't want a Walmart over here, but it would be such an uninspired use of the land. Hopefully they do something useful with it. The IKEA comment in the COMMENTS section of the Spacing article is very interesting, and the Canadian Tire complex is always busy....

The real question for me, is what will everyone do with the ubiquitous NO BIG BOX IN LESLIVEVILLE signs?

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