Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I am SO over this winter... I should be on island time.

What is with this return of winter weather?! Enough already, I say. Given the return of the chilly arctic air it seemed like a good time to dust off this little ditty from the Supastar Collective archives....

Caribbean Dreaming

I've come into some money or, at least, dreamt that I did. Or will. Soon. And with money, thoughts quickly turn to paradise....

Who hasn't dared to dream? Perhaps even dared to dream the impossible dream? It is packaged and sold to us weekly and all it takes is a dollar or two of your hard earned cash, provided you can come up with the dream to go along with it. To be on island time now, tomorrow and forever. Vacations away from the sun to see the snow for a week at a time. Even though I would miss the four seasons I could get my head around it.

I could sell conch by the side of the road. I’d have to partner with some local kids who would fish it for me and I’d sell it. I’d be the moneyman and the salesman and they’d supply the merchandise. Life would be idyllic. I’d be a success and become famous on the island: The Canadian gringo conch salesman. “Oh yeah, you have to get your conch from him, it’s the best.” Then I could branch out, open more stands and hire people to work in them. I’d corner the market in one town and then move on to the next. And then the next. I would rule the island’s conch universe. I would franchise my stand and sell franchises to enterprising locals and Canadians looking to escape the true north strong and free. It would be a hit. An immediate, overnight success and I would be universally loved. I’d have business cards made up, saying “Murphy – Conch Salesman”, or should that be “Murphy – Conch Stand”? I’d give my business cards to my regulars and mail some home to friends and relatives. I even have the perfect name for my stand: Your Conch Connection. I’d be rich, rich beyond my wildest dreams. Rich far beyond simply in financial terms. I wouldn’t have to work anymore, but I would on Tuesdays to see my regulars who would know this and come on Tuesdays. I can even see the alliterative headlines in Fortune magazine: Canadian Conch Salesman Corners Caribbean.

Dare to dream.

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