Saturday, January 31, 2009

It takes a village idiot

Sweet American sports tradition.... Super Bowl, you are officially on notice.

On Saturday (today) the Idiotarod, a take on the famous Alaskan dog-sled race (note that extra ‘o’) hits New York. Brace yourself: instead of dogs and sleds, this one features humans and shopping carts. Expect to see hordes of outlandishly costumed meta-mushers running, drinking and sweating as they make their way to the finish line whatever way they can. The first team to cross wins bragging rights, but points are also awarded for dirty tricks, and cheating — say, liquoring up the judges — is encouraged. To watch the race, check the Web site for details. The after-party can smell like wet dog, but it’s still a really good time.

To read the rest of the article, click here: Olympics for Hipsters.

N.B. - Be sure to check out the videos on the main Idiotarod site (linked above).

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