Thursday, January 29, 2009

Best TV Shows of the 2000s

I recently finished watching season 2 of Rome on DVD (the series finished at the end of season 2, although there are some rumblings about a Rome movie) and it got me to thinking about my favourite TV shows of this century. I watched most of these shows on DVD, which is really a great way to watch TV shows. You can get really wrapped up in the show and, essentially, watch an episode (or more) every night until you've seen entire series.

[Note: I'm nearing the end of season 1 of The Wire and it will likely figure highly on this list once I've finished watching it. I think there are five seasons? Anyway, it isn't on the list at this point because it is still in progress. BTW, if you are like me you probably heard the description of The Wire and said, 'why would I ever want to watch that? It sounds unbearably bleak.' Well, if so, get past it and start watching. You will not be disappointed.]

On to my rules / guidelines:
1. The show had to be on since Y2K, and not just in syndication (i.e. Seinfeld is excluded even though you can still watch it every night on one channel or another)
2. A show that started before the year 2000 could be included, but its post-2000 episodes only would be considered. E.g. The Simpsons - arguably the #1 TV of all time, didn't make the cut because while it is still consistently good, it is no longer must-see TV. Some of its episodes this century have been sublime, but it doesn't consistently hit the high notes of the early to mid-90s (think: The Goodfellas episode).
3. Specific seasons of shows could be cited, if warranted (e.g. great season 1; poor subsequent seasons)

Here's my Top 10 Best TV Shows of this Century (so far):
  1. The Sopranos
  2. Arrested Development
  3. The Office (UK)
  4. Dexter
  5. Six Feet Under
  6. Rome
  7. Friday Night Lights (season 1)
  8. The Family Guy
  9. Mad Men (season 1)
  10. Entourage (seasons 1 and 2)

Other notables: Rescue Me, The Office (US), 24 (season 1)

I also asked my resident wine expert to provide a woman's perspective since her 2008 Valentine's Day Wine submission is still overdue, as is her '2008 Spring Wines' and 'Wines of Summer 08' offerings.... Here's her top 5:

  1. Six Feet Under
  2. The Sopranos
  3. Dexter
  4. Sex and the City
  5. Arrested Development

There you go. A similar list for the most part, although we disagreed over a show that certainly appealed much more to women than men.

I recommend you get watching these shows if you have not seen any of them as they are all high quality. Will The Wire make the cut? Will it bump Entourage or will my perspective change and something else will fall out of the top 10? I'll provide an update later this year.


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Murphy said...

Having recently wrapped up all five seasons of The Wire, I can safely say we have a new #1....

The Wire does have one, BIG negative, and it is that it is almost impossible to go back to regular TV afterwards. Just try to watch CSI: Miami after watching The Wire. Try not to stab yourself in the eyes with a fork.

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