Friday, March 21, 2008

Things to do on Good Friday when you aren't worshipping the baby Jesus

1. Party like a Romantic poet with absinthe and laudanum. Take out your quill and quire and hide all sharp objects.
2. Around the world at your local pub
3. Compile a list of your favourite lines from Ben Stiller movies
4. Write a letter to your MPP
5. Bad sequel marathon. Suggestions: Grease 2; Caddyshack 2; Stayin' Alive.
6. Foreign movie marathon watching "3 Colours (Bleu, Blanc, Rouge)"
7. Snakes & Ladders, Payday, Sorry, Monopoly
8. Conduct Fantasy Football mock draft
9. Write a dissertation comparing and contrasting "The Hills" with "Laguna Beach" - present to your friends or family at dinner
10. Surf You Tube
11. Determine the number of licks required to get to the centre of a tootise pop. Conduct secondary test to corroborate initial findings
12. Drink a dozen Red Bulls and see what happens
13. Craft plan to restore Leafs to glory

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Anonymous said...

you forgot 14. Celebrate your fabulous wife's birthday - in Nassau