Sunday, March 16, 2008

Random crap that could be of interest if you were bored....

Here are some strange and random links that may amuse, confound, annoy or enlighten you. Or not.

Billed as "Knowledge's Last Chance", this site captures, "From the bold to the beautiful, from the wicked to the wise, every day the Wikipedia team relegates possibly "inappropriate" submissions to the garbage dump of time. Here, we make selected rejects immortal and preserve them for posterity." This is truly a treasure trove of useless stuff. A good time waster...

Sometimes a misstep doesn't mean a rake hits you in the face. Here's a magazine that recognizes bold and innovative attempts that have ended up in failure: Failure Magazine.

Greatest music video of all time! "Flat Beat" by Mr. Oizo starring the awesome Flat Eric. Good, good times.

For more Flat Eric, including his Levis Jeans ad (for real), go here:

And finally, if you don't already know about this satire site, here is The Phat Phree, which is like a saucier version of the Onion. Here be funny.

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