Saturday, September 5, 2009

Travel idea for late September....

Guinness, the black beer of Ireland, sometimes described as 'poetry in a glass' is turning 250 this year. How you choose to celebrate this momentous anniversary is up to you. I recommend it involves drinking Guinness as then your celebration is on steady ground no matter what you choose to do (although that ground can become increasingly unsteady...). Here's one option if you like getting on a plane and want to enjoy Irish culture:

Anniversary bashes are being organized in Dublin and around the world. No doubt conscious that Dec. 31, the actual anniversary, would be overshadowed by New Year's galas, and Arthur Guinness's birthday March 6 was very close to the St. Patrick's Day hoopla (March 17), the Guinness celebrations are scheduled for Sept. 24.

For the full article go to The Toronto Star.

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