Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This new iPhone application is both cool AND practical

Not all smart phone applications are that useful but here's one for the iPhone that is really useful for Torontonians who take the TTC.

A couple of dedicated Torontonians have done their part to ease the pain. Software developer George Talusan and graphic designer Hilary Street have just released a new iPhone application that is already earning rave reviews from commuters all over the GTA. Meet Red Rocket, the subway rider's new best friend.

The new application has everything you need to plan your trip, and since it's on your iPhone, the information is always readily-available.Red Rocket includes a full map of the TTC lines, bus routes, and departure times, but where it really shines is in its availability. The key to the application is the iPhone's embedded GPS technology. It's able to read your location and direct you to the nearest stop by meters or kilometers. It also includes information on when each TTC vehicle is due at each stop, and includes an automatic RSS feed from the TTC for transit advisories. And at $1.99, it costs less than the amount for a single adult ticket.

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I wonder if someone will modify this for Blackberry (please, someone...)?

Source: Martiniboys.com

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