Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Euro 2008 Preview (Part I)

As promised (threatened?) here is your can't miss, super-genius Euro 2008 preview (Part I).


Czech Republic - Losing Rosicky is a real blow. They have been the hard luck team in the past. I'm betting (well, not with my money) that this is the year it breaks right for them. Um, kind of like 1996. The Czechs are this year's Ewing Theory candidate with Nedved's international retirement.

Portugal - They have skill to burn and, arguably, the best player in the tournanent and Carvalho is as good as it gets at centreback but... they probably blew their best chance for a title in 2004 when they lost in the final at home to Greece. Burning questions: After an unbelievable season how much does Ronaldo have in the tank? Can their strikers actually put the ball in the net?

Switzerland - The event should be well run. Senderos will be carded.

Turkey - A wildcard in this group but I don't see them advancing.

Prediction: the Czechs top the group and Portugal also advances


Austria - Should be a great party atmosphere at their games, and at all the games played in Austria

Croatia - Without Eduardo they can't win the title. Sorry, but it is true. They will be a tough out and can beat anyone on any given day.

Germany - Tournament favourites and probable finalists. They have the best draw of the traditional powers. Hopefully they continue the attacking style they played under Klinnsman and through qualifying. Ballack is on form, although goalkeeping remains a concern.

Poland - Capable of advancing at the expense of Croatia.

Prediction - Emotional matches. Obviously this group has games with a lot of 'history' attached to them. Germany wins the group with Croatia runner-up.

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