Thursday, May 29, 2008

Your new summer drink

I call it a Croatian. Mainly because it is the signature drink of a Croatian friend. What is it, you ask? Malibu Rum and Tang. Don't laugh, it is actually very, very tasty. Best of all it is easy to make. Okay, okay, you are probably now saying "sure, agreed, but I've had that many times and I call it 'Malibu & Tang' what makes your version so special that is has a name?" To that I say, good point, but here's my very special wrinkle... you ready for it?... before you serve the drink you rim the glass with Tang crystals. Boom! Done. Game, set and match. Now you've got yourself a timeless classic. Now you've got yourself a Croatian.

I've found a small Hoegarden glass is perfect, although any highball glass would also work. 5oz of Tang to 1.5oz of Malibu sounds about right.

Note: Despite all seeming evidence to the contrary, no Croatians were consumed before or during this posting.

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