Saturday, May 31, 2008

More years of hurt....

Euro 2008 just won't be the same without the Three Lions.... It won't be the same without all the England hype, delusion, WAGS and general madness.... For all you fellow England fans out there, while there won't be any glorious victory this summer, and while it wasn't entirely prophetic, this pre-World Cup 2006 Wayne Rooney Song is still one of the best things on You Tube.

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And is it really fair that the world will be deprived of the John Terry Euro 2008 Song?! (well, on second thought... words fail.)

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Stay tuned for my Euro 2008 predictions. I'll be rolling them out over the next few days. They should help you dominate your office pool*.

With England absent this summer I will be supporting the Czech Republic (finally free from the Group of Death!). As Rob Smyth of The Guardian notes in his Euro 2008 Preview, with the Dutch now playing pragmatically, the Czechs are the last practioners of entertaining, total football in Europe. Also, at last summer's U20 World Cup, the Czechs were entertaining, played hard and fair and had great fans. Kdo neskace, neni Cech, hop, hop hop!

[Sidenote -- have you seen the TSN Euro 2008 promo commercials? They are pretty fun and clever.]

* success unlikely

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