Thursday, February 12, 2009

TV's hottest new show!

[From the Supastar Collective archives....]

For Immediate Public Release:

There hasn't been an event like this since NBC's Friends spinoff, Joey. The marketing geniuses at Genesis 2 Exodus Marketing (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Catholic Church) bring you the hottest new property on TV, in literature and on the evangelical lecture circuit. This never before seen look at the Bible's lesser known, but no less hilarious, characters will redefine how the world watches television, reads books and gets told what to believe. With Jesus Christ, star of The New Testament, off making the feature film, JC in the Hood: Don't hate the playa, hate the game, the Catholic Broadcasting Company (CaBC), affiliated with Vision TV and CBS, took the opportunity to create this still untitled spinoff and showcase biblical characters that haven't had the time in the limelight their accomplishments deserve.

Watch the first episode where wandering nomads in search of the Promised Land do battle with the Sand People of Tattooine.

See Paul in a poetry slam with the Corinthians and watch the Prophet Elijah battle the mighty Minotaur in a steel cage.

Also starring:

  • Ham
  • Daniel - catch his latest celebrity predictions and his stockmarket forecast
  • Levi - learn about the man before he invented the world famous denim pants
  • And last, but not least, the wacky, but lovable neighbour, John. What will he do next?! Tune in and catch all his crazy antics!
  • And more!

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