Monday, January 21, 2008

Why the Leafs won't trade Sundin

Here’s why the Leafs won’t trade Sundin unless the bottom falls out horribly between now and February 26th: The lure of the pure profit from a minimum of two home playoff games. Given how much they make from these dates (and I’ve read between $1 -3 million in pure profit from the jacked up ticket prices and concessions, two dates can mean pure gravy for the NHL’s richest team. To give up on the season by trading Sundin with the potential windfall right there…. Unlikely. Sure, trading and building for the future might mean even more home playoff dates in the future, but it won’t do anything about profits for this April.

I hope I'm wrong. I'd love to see them haul in some good prospects for Mats, see him win the Cup and then re-sign with TO in the summer.... Dare to dream. I'm scared after this recent 3 game win streak that they'll trade Justin Pogge for a grizzled winger to try and sneak into 8th place (which they won't).

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